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Message for London

[Message for London]
Performance – Διάλεξη
“I am NOT Tino Sehgal” – Μία ιδέα του Francesco Bonami
Nahmad Projects - Gallery, 2 cork street ,LONDON W1S 3LB.
13 July 2016, London.
Design - Implementation: Ioanna Neophytou, Spyros Charalambopoulos

"London, I will not come,
I never left my country.
I stay in my habits,
Like the Thames that always goes down to the sea
And Big Ben's clock does the same thing."
Tetiana, June 2016, Odessa, Ukraine

Arriving in London, we convey the ideas and feelings of different people after a brief survey of their thoughts around the city of London. The various letters we have collected have London as a place of dispatch and highlight the rich communication between people inside and outside of the big city. Letters, names, addresses and pictures are the documents of an alternative overview of London, written by people who do not experience the daily life of the city. The narration of the letters by the performers reveals the city as an object of multiple visions for the audience that attends the reading in order to create a conection between the audience and the sender, a definition of emotions and experiences exchanged between strangers.
This performance has been influenced by the work of Tino Segal, where art is transformed into experience through "Constructed situations". We sought to simulate collective reading in the gallery, with the personal experience of receiving and reading a letter from a loved one. In this case, art becomes a way of communication, while reading letters acquires equal value with modern methods of communication and exchange of information.

Letters from:

Ansis Dobicins
Amelie Durand
Nina Gora
Tomasz Gromadka
Benedicte Noyer
Ombline Noyer
Tetiana Piskun
Eulàlia Sellarès
Nathalie Hellena Rigal
Marie Willaime

Stefani Andreou
Giannis Aggelakis
Chara Angelidis
Magda Gouverou
Thomas Diafas
Come on Katsika
Katerina Katsika
Stella Cleanthous
Dina Cleanthous - Elenitsa Cleanthous - Maria Cleanthous - Stella Cleanthous
Odysseas Constantiou
Andreas Mitsis
Thanasis Banos
Theoni Nikolaou
Elena Pyli
Maria Sofou
Anastasia Zoi Souliotou
Dimitris Stamatis
Ria Filippou
Love Harmani
Spyros Charalambopoulos
Maria Chrysanthou

Maria Sofou, Julia Durand

Video: Eleana Santoriniou

Special thanks for their help and support:
Vicky Koutsounaki, Julien Roussel, Rania Kapetanaki, Spyridoula Tzoumaki, Dimitris Stamatis, Frosso Kleanthous and Giannis Kleanthous

Ioanna Neofytou website:

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