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In the confinement of different situations

"Petit Paris d’ Festival, Athenes,
Finos Film, Metaksourgiou.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Albert Camus.

Madness is just another form of consciousness - Albert Camus.

I got up scared with a blow to the face, to the face of the marble. Yellow, blue, red blood. I mixed them in a plastic hole that contained grapes. This is not the time for grapes, nor for bullshit. And I went to wipe away the tears and the colors, after I took the pole from the earth I had hidden, along with a few emotions. And I put it in the broom and then I put it in my wound, to see how deep the blow was. How deep the blue was. This selfishness hatchery Blue and incubator humidity. Humidity does not affect me. Selfishness, the moon. And there is someone who boils nettles and drinks them when the moon is full. They also filled the garbage in the kitchen with dirt and manure. I grab the soil with my hands and smell it. I do the same with the nettles that have grown next to the bed. The bed is not mine. Only the painting with the bed. The electronic board of pharmacy says 35 degrees. The level of difficulty is removed. They will hardly understand why………… It is the red color of the armchair. Do not ask which red, which armchair. And the mixing of trachana, I say trachana so as not to forget it. Putting raw pieces, when composing them, - not you. Anyone can do op art. It is one thing to do and another to know that op art is the concept we are interested in. It is mysterious and dangerous. Like when you are dealing with art. The art of machine evolution and evolution within us. It is the details of dreams, the question of whether horses are dreams or dream horses. It is the trend and the addiction to it. It's ocher, because to find gold plastic, it's little difficult.. Something consolidated that crashes down into the stream and breaks down and gets wet. Earthy colors, strange shapes. The colours changed. Blue, purple, orange and reverse, they got smaller and disappeared. Who would imagine it. And now a grey lighter, for the for the grape juice cream.

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