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Democracy on the move "The circle"

"Democracy on the move - 12 countries, 8000 kilometers, 1 goal,

The Bus for Direct Democracy in Athens.

In 1987, shortly after the death of Joseph Beuys, and starting with documenta 8, the "BUS FOR DIRECT DEMOCRACY" began its tours throughout Germany, following in the artist's footsteps.

Beuys found an equivalent for the utopian design of a society as a "social sculpture" by founding the "Organization for Direct Democracy through Referendum" by opening a dialogue with the people and continuing his work on the more than 700 stations so far.
With the ultimate goal of uniting politics and art, the "BUS FOR DIRECT DEMOCRACY" in collaboration with the citizens' initiative "More Democracy" (Mehr Demokratie eV) will make stops at all Goethe Institutes in Southeastern Europe (in Zagreb, Sofia, Sara Skopje, Thessaloniki, Athens, Istanbul, Bucharest, Budapest) and will be an occasion and at the same time a platform for discussions and various cultural activities.

With the support of the European Union, a film crew will record the entire tour of the BUS, which those interested will be able to watch virtually online. One of the most important destinations of this trip is Athens, the birthplace of democracy, where some of the top actions of the project will take place.

"The circle"
Implementation: Klitoras, Pantelis Metaxas
School of Fine Arts

This performance took place during a speech on democracy. Two people cut into small pieces alternately a 4 meter rod and leave the room, after placing the pieces in a circle on the floor.

Without fragmentation can be no freedom. The circle indicates the assembly as an integral part of democracy."

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