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Archaeological Site Limit

"Aeschylus' Festival, old port of Elefsina, 8 September 2012, Elefsina, Greece

[ Limits of the Archaeological Territory ]
Performed and designed: Ioanna Neofytou, Spyros Klitoras Charalampopoulos
Video documentation of actions, maps, signpost, sticky tape.

The installation was focused in the limits that the new society had determined, for the ruins of the ancient world and how the industrial development has destroyed what history has left. The area of Elefsina, one of the biggest industrial districts in Greece, was a sacred region in ancient times; where sacrament rituals took place, in honor of Demetra, the goddess of agriculture, horticulture, grain and harvest. That area now degraded from the industries surrounding the city, is full of ancient relics and ruins, buried under the earth. A small place close to the new city of Elefsina, was assigned as archaeological territory. The main interest was the connection between new city, the ruins of the old city and the industrial district and how it affects social life, nature and cultural heritage. Actions happened before the performance day and were projected as part of the installation, questioned this limits. The installation was a map of those limits designed on the ground, in front of the theater of the old port."

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