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Everything connects and everything brings me back

In the center of the room there is an old wooden construction of my grandfather, which I reconstructed and put into operation for a different purpose from its original use (which I later discovered was to extract honey from the honeycombs with centrifugal force). On the first wall plays a video without sound (stones that roll and disappear).
On the second wall there is a wooden still cylinder of my grandfather and to its right is an old tin, where it projects in real time the interior of the central construction.
On the third wall are photos, letters and drawings of my grandfather.
On the fourth wall, altered materials - objects and unaltered memories of the place where my grandfather lived.
When the visitor turns the crank from the construction, the sound from the video start playing (the video speakers are hidden at the bottom of the construction). Also, at the same time, the roller on the second wall starts to turn. Interpreting by me, the searching scroll represent that nothing could disrupt my grandfather's hierarchy of thoughts.
I had heard that my grandfather had made an incubator, which I had never seen, so I made my own fantastic one next door.
(Incubator: 260 X 100 X 110 cm. 2010
Material: metal, plastic bottles, water
In the box enters a wood fire,
the smoke leaves through two pipes, one passes through the box and through the cylinder inside, where the water is heated. The water is replenished when it evaporates from the bottles.)
In the same room there is another construction that has been created combining pieces from constructions of my grandfather and new ones that I added.
("A point of identification"
210 X 175 X 150 cm. 2010
Material: plastic barrel, metal, motor, photocell
The words I - SOMEONE ELSE, have a point of identification with the rotation of the watermill and the gears. Do I identify or do I want to identify consciously or unconsciously with another person?)
I wanted my grandfather's constructions to work again in the present.
People are not immortal, but they remain immortal in our memory.
I remember my grandfather.
I remember a construction he had created and flown.
I remember when he wanted to put electricity in the village with the power of water and the windsaw,
at a time when survival had no room for creation.
Incompatible with everyday life and a whimsical self-preservation.

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