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Klitoras - Modern Artist 

I wanted to make a painting a sculpture…


With three basic colors I discovered the magic of painting. With the drawing on paper I started drawing on the cley  plaster and marble. The tools draw and the light with its shadow from the paper is transferred to the sculpture.

Some of my works are interpreted through my life and experiences, such as my love for animals. My first sculpture was a marble goat. Other works may seem incomprehensible, be subconscious thoughts, be so abstract that their field of interpretation is as wide as the thought and imagination of their audience.

" 'It is the sculpture in clay, you can fix it and n' leave footprints in your hand, material imprints and tools of which come textures and materials in the final result It is also the sculpture in marble that you only remove and the texture is given by the tools, tools handmade in the kiln. In marble sculpture the sound of the tools must be harmonious, like music ".

Kleitoras graduated from the school of marble sculpture of Tinos in 2006 and then studied with a scholarship at the Athens School of Fine Arts, where he graduated with honors. He studied in the sculpture workshop of professor and sculptor George Chouliaras. During his studies he attended for 2 years the copper-plaster workshop of Markos Giorgilakis and for 2 years the scenography workshop with Lili Bezanou.

His works have been placed in public places in Greece and abroad, as well as in private collections.

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