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Klitoras - Modern Artist 





Klitoras was born in Greece in 1985. He graduated from the Marble School of Tinos in 2006. He continues his studies with a scholarship at the School of Fine Arts in Athens. He graduated from the school in 2012.


His works have influences from the historical past to modern society. Social inequality, immigration, political developments, his experiences are reflected in his work, which includes various aspects of art. Incorporates poetry, performance, installations, and monumental sculpture to explore ways in which materials, words, objects, and movements interact.

In several of his works, people are part of the work. Some of them are depicted as social sculptures or symbolic monuments. Sometimes his activist intent is evident.

In 2016, he presented a long performance at the Benaki Museum, in the exhibition ‘AS ONE’ of the NEON organization and the MAI Institute of Marina Abramovic.


He has participated in many group exhibitions and performances in Greece, Serbia, England, and the USA. (indicative reference: 15th Biennale of Young Artists in Thessaloniki, Intererant Performance Art Festival in New York 2012, at the Aeschylia Festival in Eleusis 2012, at the Mahmad projects Gallery in London 2016, performance on the occasion of The Bus for Direct Democracy with Joseph Beuys students from Germany in Athens 2009).

His work has been awarded by various institutions.

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